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Poor management seen as main cause of military casualties

AT-KABUL: Some members of the parliament have slung accusations on the government of “poor management” that has caused death of magnanimous proportions of Afghan security forces.

The security forces have been suffering huge casualties in the recent weeks due to intensifying attacks by Taliban militants. Some lawmakers claim that up to 40 troops were killed every day in Taliban attacks against their outposts.

Parliamentarian, Ghulam Sakhi Moshwani, praised the security forces’ ability in fight with terrorists, but said the government should make a strategy to prevent their casualties.

“Our security forces have had casualties of about 300 in a week and in some provinces, there were 40 casualties in one day,” Moshwani said.

The most casualties occurred in the northern Faryab and western Farah provinces, according to the members of parliament. 24 soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack on their checkpoint in the Bala Bolok district of Farah.

Reports also say that 30 Special Forces and commandos were killed by Taliban in the province, while the defense ministry confirmed only 18 deaths.

The US intelligence agencies had previously predicted 2018 as a problematic year for Afghan security forces.

The defense ministry says that decrease in security forces’ casualties was its priority. Mohammad Radmanesh, deputy spokesman for the ministry confirmed 17 deaths of soldiers in the provinces of Kunduz and Farah, but said that Taliban’s casualties were much higher in the two provinces.

“We had casualties last week in Farah and Kunduz because we should give sacrifices to defend our home and people. But our soldiers have killed more than 200 militants in the past week,” Radmanesh said.

Military analyst, Mohammad Gol Mujahed called lack of coordination between army and police, weak intelligence performance and Taliban’s perpetration in the security forces as thee elements of increase of casualties for security forces.

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