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Poroshenko shocked by killing of Ukrainians in Kabul

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has voiced deep shock over the death of his countrymen in Saturday’s terrorist attack on a landmark hotel in Kabul.

“Shocked by tragic news from Afghanistan. Ukrainian citizens, employees of the Ukrainian airline, fell victims to the attack in Kabul,” he said.

In a tweet on Sunday, he instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to urgently send the Ukrainian consul from Dushanbe to Kabul to carry out the appropriate consular operations.

“We maintain contact with the US consular representatives who are now at the scene of the terrorist attack in Afghanistan,” he added.

According to the Kiev-based news agency UNIAN, he directed the government to provide all necessary assistance to the families of Ukrainian citizens who died in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kiev said six Ukrainians had been killed in the assault. At least 14 foreigners are said to be among the fatalities.

At least 18, people including 14 foreigners were killed after more than 14 hours standoff that the Afghan security forces eventually killed all the six Taliban insurgents who raided intercontinental Hotel—west part of Kabul city. The Ministry of Interior said 14 foreigners were killed and four Afghans martyred while 12 more received injuries. It added that security forces managed to rescue dozens from the hotel.

The Interior Ministry’s deputy spokesman, Nasrat Rahimi identified the killed foreigners as “one from Greece, one from Kirgizstan, nine from Ukraine and three others still unidentified.”

Spokesman for Kam Air airline, Haji Raqeeb said that 10 of the killed people were the employees of the agency. “Two of the killed employees are Venezuelans, and eight Ukrainians including two women. And it is hundred percent confirmed to us,” Raqeeb lamented.

Like there are conflicting news regarding overall casualties, as officially we have 18, but some media outlets by quoting anonymous sources, saying over 40 killed, now it is also not exact figures of Ukrainian citizens killing—Ukrainian official confirm six, Kam Air eight, and security forces nine.

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