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Post-election crisis; Ex-voting cards no more valid in upcoming election: Spokesman

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Post-election crisis has been surfaced as the Office of the Chief Executive on Thursday invalided voting cards issued in the last presidential election.

Briefing newsmen here in Kabul, Mujib Rahimi, the spokesman from Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said that voting cards distributed and used in presidential election in 2014 is not valid any more for the CEO.

He said that CEO believes that the ex-voting cards are more than the number of eligible voters, thus the electoral bodies must seek another way to get out of this problem.

“Distribution of extra voting cards were the main factor behind broader fraud in 2014 presidential election,” he added.

Based on report only 10 million people are eligible to vote in the country, but around 20 million voting card has been distributed. Issuance of additional voting cards was one of the main factor behind electoral challenge, which made the presidential election scandal and these crisis lead to establishment of National Unity Government brokered by the US.

The CEO spokesman stated that executive office urged electoral commissions to exert utmost efforts to run parliamentary election free and fair.

Pointing to those electoral bodies’ commissioners who were involved in fraud in presidential election, Rahimi said “those people who alleged or involved with frauds, should not be granted impunity.”

Impunity culture in the country has raised many eyebrows as it bring under question the writ of the government in judicial bodies.

Recently, the New Line Organization (NLO) as an observer of the election process criticized the failure of electoral bodies and newly assigned commissioners in the past two months. NLO said that the commissions did not operate as expectation of people.

Hinting to the issue of 20 million voting cards, NLO said that if the previous voting cards were not announced invalid, challenges would be further take root in the upcoming election.

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