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Post-election wrangling is hitting full tilt

Controversy surrounds paradoxical statements of the duo election commissions

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KABUL: Tempers are running high as post-election dispute is hitting full tilt amid a ratcheting up of pressure on both the election commissions to bring affairs under control and a recent resurfacing of paradoxical statements of both the panels about the work in progress.

Secretary of Election Complaints Commission, Chaman Shah Etemadi, said on Saturday that data from polling stations disposed for recount had been handed to the Independent Election Commission last week on Wednesday. “We are not awaiting the furthering of the process and the start of the recount by the election commission,” said Etemadi, warning against any further delays.

Surprisingly, a member in the same commission said so far no data had been sent to the election commission. Qutbuddin Roydar said reports from provinces will be handed over to the election commission once they are retrieved.

The Independent Election Commission has said progress can be achieved if an operational plan is concocted and shared with the commission. Secretary of the commission, Habibur Rahman Nang, also confirmed the commission had received no data from the center and provinces. “No operational plan can be drafted if data of polling stations are not shared with us,” he said.

This is as Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan has underlined the need for a further deepening of cooperation between the two election commissions, so as to kick-start recount of ballots from suspicious polling stations at the earliest.

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