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Potato blossoms festival held in Bamyan

AT-KABUL: In a new initiative, authorities in central Bamyan province held a Potato blossoms agricultural festival, aimed to improve potato cultivation, business and to improve tourism in the peaceful central Bamyan province.

The festival which was organized by Bamyan Agriculture Directorate was participated by thousands of citizens, mostly poor farmers, who are mostly growing potatoes in their fields.

In this festival an exhibition to introduce different varieties of potatoes was also organized in order to introduce best varsities of the product to the traders and to help farmers find a better market for their products.

Bamyani farmers produce nearly 50 percent of the potatoes of the country, a product which is well-popular in all provinces of the country.

The exhibition also showcased other agricultural products of the province as well.

Local singers and musicians performed life traditional music to the participants of the festival which also include government officials, businessmen, and ordinary citizens.

At least 30 types of foods, all of them made from potatoes by local people, was also put on display for the visitors.

At the end of the festival certificates of honor and appreciation were distributed to top 10 farmers who showed talent in growing better varieties of potatoes.

The festival cold also play key role in improving tourism in the province which is worldwide known for its giant Buddha status.

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