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Power supply would restore on Saturday: DABS

KABUL: Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) on Wednesday said that power transmission lines would be repaired on temporary basis to supply 170MW of electricity to Kabul City.

Pylons and electricity transmission lines importing power from the neighboring Uzbekistan were damaged at Salang due to recent avalanches and heavy snowfall. The capital city was hit by worst blackout since damaged of the transmission lines.

Spokesman of the DABS, Wahidullah Tawhidi, told Afghanistan Times that engineers are working hard to connect the power transmission lines as soon as possible.

He said the power would be restored temporarily in the capital city on Friday or Saturday. He hoped the weather would be in their favor to connect the lines and supply 170 MW of electricity.

Meanwhile, economists criticized the government for import of electricity from the neighboring countries and not investing on hydropower dams. They said that if the money invested on the imported electricity was used to build dams would have reduced reliance of Afghanistan on the neighbors.

“Afghanistan is a country with ample natural resources such as petroleum, gas, rivers and coal. If the resources were utilized the country will be in position to export electricity instead of importing it,” said Masoud Ansar, an economist.

In the past decade the international community donated billions of dollars in aid but the amount was not spent transparently. The government should have utilized these donations to build dams on rivers, he said. (By Akhtar M.Nikzad)

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