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President declares jihad against corruption

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani declared Jihad against corruption in the country. He said that phenomenon is threatening survival of the state.

Addressing a conference under the title of ‘Islam and the fight against corruption’ here on Tuesday, the president stressed that religious scholars can play an important role in fight against corruption.

President Ghani termed graft in government contracts as one of the major problems and said that after assessing a number of contracts the National Procurement Committee (NPC) under his chairmanship managed to save billions of Afghanis.

He said that almost none of the projects were implemented in its due time, for the contracted companies lacked competence.

President Ghani said that they managed to save Afs8.5 billion after assessing 350 projects, worth Afs51.5 billion.

He termed land grabbing as another major problem, and said that 56 percent of houses in Kabul city don’t have legal documents. He added that legal documents will be issued to all undocumented properties.

Terming drug trafficking as another major problem, President Ghani said that 90 percent profit of drug trafficking goes to European smugglers. Thus, he said that the government will lend support to agriculture sector.

He said that there was also graft in contracts of natural resources extraction, adding that mines worth of millions of dollars are being illegally extracted and smuggled. The president said that the government will take all necessary measures to stop illegal extraction of mines.

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