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President Ghani accused of deception

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KABUL: Some members of parliament accused President Ashraf Ghani of deception, calling it illogical and a kind of electoral campaign just to deceive the public and make a forged national character for himself.

Lawmaker Sher Mohammad Akhondzada, said Tuesday: “This has no logic, it is not in the sharia and not in the law of the country. What does it mean to collect clay from the provinces of Kandahar and Helmand? This is just an electoral campaign.”

President Ghani recently ordered for collecting clay from different provinces to build a grand mosque in Kabul.

“The entire Afghanistan is a united clay and country and no part of the country is superior to another. The president tries to prove he is a national figure, but he can be a national figure by establishing a government based on justice,” Gholam Farooq Majrooh, another member of parliament said.

Meanwhile, civil society activists also criticized Ghani for trying to collect clay.

“President Ghani tries to deceive the people. He can spend this money for strengthening security

instead of collecting clay,” Sayed Ashraf Sadat, a civil society activist in Herat province said.

The mosque is supposed to be built in Darulaman neighborhood in the southwest of Kabul.

Some university students said that Ghani should have spend the money for infrastructures and building hospitals and educational institutions.

“The people even don’t have enough food, but our president makes decisions with no logic,” said Atiqollah, a university student.

Presidential office has not commented on this matter.

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