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President Ghani called Pakistan ‘Taliban center’ asked for action against terrorists

AT-KABUL: President, Ashraf Ghani, in a rare speech to the nation on Friday called Pakistan as “Taliban center” and asked Islamabad for “practical actions” against the terrorist networks on its soil, who have been involved in terrorist activities in Afghanistan.

After holding Friday prayers in ARG mosque, Ghani appeared among influential political and religious figures of the country, slammed neighboring Pakistan for failing to take action against Taliban networks on its soil, who have been fueling the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan is center of Taliban” the bereaved president said, calling on the long accused neighboring Pakistan to “take clear actions” against militants, rather than “mare talks on papers.” “We wait for practical action… rather than mare talks and process on papers” he said.

Ghani added his government has handed over a “clear list” of all “individuals and their networks” who have been behind terrorists attacks in Afghanistan, particularly those who killed tens of civilians in two deadly attacks in Kabul.

Kabul was hit by two deadly attacks in past two weeks; one against Intercontinental hotel with more than 20 killed and another was carried out near a hospital that killed 103 with more than 200 injured, mostly civilians.

Although both attacks were claimed by Taliban, but Afghan government specifically blamed Pakistan-based Haqqani Network for the “massacre” which earned worldwide condemnations.

However, without further elaboration, Ghani said 11 suspected militants were arrested in connection to the resent attacks, whose roots were traced back to Pakistan based Taliban, who enjoy safe training and health facilities over there.

President informed the nation that security organs have taken some measures and already started “successful” operations to hit those Taliban bases inside the country from where the militants planning their terrorists attacks.

As part of this operations, Afghan Special Forces two days back killed 50 and arrested alive 32 Taliban fighters in Band-e-Timor of Kandahar. President praised the operation as “more successful” and vowed “it will continue.”

“Afghans will take their revenge, even if takes a 100 years” Ghani warned referring to recent attacks calling them “attacks agiant the entire nation.”

However, Afghanistan three days back sent evidences and proofs about organizers of recent terrorist attacks to Islamabad and asked that country to take action against them.

For follow-up of the discussion a Pakistani delegation is expected to arrive in Kabul on Saturday who will hold talks with Afghan officials on the terrorism related topics, Afghan Ministry of Foreign affairs said in a statement Friday.

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