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President Ghani paid final tribute during state funeral for Dr. Nakamura

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KABUL: Carrying casket of the late Dr. Tetsu Nakamura in a state funeral ceremony in Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on Saturday, President Ashraf Ghani said that he devoted his life to help and improve the living condition of most deprived segments of the country.

Late Nakamura’s dead body shifted to Japan through an official ceremony. He was killed along with his five colleagues in an armed men attack in eastern Nangarhar province last Wednesday.

President Ghani, while carrying Dr. Nakamura’s coffin, said that Dr. Nakamura was a great man, who had allocated his whole life for helping Afghans and construction of Afghanistan.

Through his hard work, hundreds of thousands tree become green and the Kunar river changed to a tools of gift. ‘Today I condolence to all Afghan people as Dr. Nakamura was an Afghan of Japan-origin and a hero of Afghanistan.”

President Ghani on behalf of Afghan people has expressed his deepest condolence and sympathy with the family of Dr. Nakamura, Nation of Japan, Ambassador of Japan and Japan Prime Minister.  

President Ghani said that the killer of Dr. Nakamura ‘will go to hell’; the Afghan army, police and intelligence operative would find these traitors (the killers) and bring them before justice.

He said that the projects executed by Dr. Nakamura will be titled by his name.

Also Afghan flag was on the coffin of late Dr. Nakamura body, while carrying his casket in the plane.

Thousands of Afghans in various provinces, particularly in Kabul and eastern Nangarhar, have taken part in candlelight vigils and put flowers under the portraits of the Dr. Nakamura in the past two days.

Also social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter of thousands of Afghans have been flooded with photos and comments about Dr. Nakamura in order to praise him as greatest friend of Afghans and as a hero.

Recently, a Pashtun politician Afrasiab Khattak wrote a poem in the memory of Dr. Nakamura, and famous Afghan singer Haroon Bacha composed a song in his memory.

Nakamura, 73, came to Afghanistan in the 1980s to treat leprosy. But he changed many more lives with the canal-building technique. Nakamura established 11 dams on the Kunar River and also dug over 1500 wells that provide clean water to over 650,000 people in Nangarhar.

He helped to build a main canal about 25.5 km long from the Kunar River to the Gamberi area.

He was currently working on the second phase of this canal with a budget of more than $15 million.

Furthermore, some Members of Solidarity Party of Afghanistan have staged demonstration in front of the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul, claiming that Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan was involved in assassination of a Japanese medical doctor and humanitarian worker, Dr. Tetsu Nakamura.

The protestors said that Nakamura were trying to prevent Afghanistan water from flowing to Pakistani soil and that he wanted to use it for greening eastern Afghanistan.  

“The assassinator of Dr. Nakamura and his six Afghan colleagues is the Pakistan intelligence agency (ISI),” said Zarmeena a member of the SPA, adding, “Pakistan considers those as enemies who try to save the Afghanistan water from running to Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, a member of the parliament, Bilquis Roshan, who was among the protestors said that instead of granting him a citizenship, the government should have provided good security for Nakamura.

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