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President Ghani seeks an end to patronage appointments

Following reports about patronage appointments in the Ministry of Interior, the incumbent president Ashraf Ghani has called for an end to favoritism in appointments in military ranks. This is against the backdrop of allegations against Ghani himself for ethnic favoritism in high-rank appointments in the Foreign Ministry.

Talking at the 11th round of police officers’ graduation ceremony on Monday, he said that police should be dragged out of battlefields and reappointed in law enforcement agencies.

“Law forbids existence of illegal gunmen. It’s thugs and smugglers who are threatening police forces,” president added.

He called on Afghan Security Forces to let no stones unturned for maintaining security in the country.

“No security brass has the right to kill any Afghan,” he said. His remarks comes days after a special unit of National Directorate of Security killed five people including a Jihadi commander in a raid in Kabul. A government delegation has been assigned to investigate the incident.

This is as Ghani’s administration has come under criticism for systematic favoritism in high-ranking appointments to Ghani’s own ethnic group. Appointments in diplomatic missions appear to favor those close to the president under the aegis of reforms and given the appearance of ethnic diversity. The accusation has been leveled by a Chief Executive Abdullah’s aide Omid Meisam, who alleged ‘deliberate ethnic favoritism’ in the president’s awarding of sensitive jobs.

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