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To the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan! 

By Basir Farooqi-Plan to improve security; How can we get rid of current security crisis?

In first step, serious attention has to be paid to the National Directorate—to all other security sectors and organs.

1- National Directorate

A group of professional and patriotic generals have to be formed from every corner of the country with having a high degree of military academy and full experience.

These generals must be given free hand in every jurisdiction of the investigation till to arrest and decision in any difficult circumstances. Surely, they must act accordance with the law of the country.

A wholly national and patriotic person must be hired as the head of the group—who contain full knowledge of the country’s political and security situation.

If it’s possible, the National Directorate of Security to be upgraded to a Ministry with sole purpose of further configuration and funding?

The formation, and recruitment of soldiers and employees of the National Directorate of Security must be based on national identity.

Fortunately, our people across the country living a social live. If in a village if one eager to know about a tribe or a person—you will even be informed about ancestors and grandparents of the family. Therefore, serious investigations should be made before any appointments.

If one from high ranking government officials is getting introduce to this group, a written guarantee must been taken from the recommenders—in case of any violation must be held accountable.

A secret observe group should set up to monitor all security personnel under covert surveillance. Professional generals of the group must be aware of this only.

Security personnel inside and outside of the country, especially in the neighboring countries, have to assigned with fully support from center. The aim is to entrench in the enemy’s ranks to dig up the enemy’s evil design beforehand.

In all political affiliations of the country, a representative of the National Directorate of Security has to define as diplomat—this must not be disclosed.

The political representation of foreign countries that are active in Afghanistan, has to be closely monitored and entirely information about every diplomat and local staffers has to be found. Certainly, diplomatic approach should be exercised in this work out.

In feeble quarters of the neighboring countries, a large plan should be designed in order to use it when needed.

We can also learn from the experiences and activities of western security institutions, region and our previous successful security mechanism, or by any other efforts, must be applied for the sack of stability of our own security.

It is worth mentioning that the inclusion of professional people at leadership and low levels and availability of equipment in the office, would lead the administration to improve.

So, National Directorate should equip with state-of-the-art gadget and technology to neutralize the crimes in the semen.

2- Government and private security

Supervision of the tripartite organizations — executive, judiciary, legislative, and private sector;

In case of work plan, domestic and foreign entities, internal and external relations, and all contracts to whom, and where and for which purpose should be held under strict regulation of the National Directorate.

That includes: Members of the cabinet, deputies, head of all key officials, members of Parliament, Wolesi Jirga and Meshrano Jirga, council districts, provincial governors, and their employees, including provincial security chief, zone commander, relevant organs and etc… also small and big companies including their employees and traders.

Serious monitoring of telephone conversations, business and personal visit, formal and personal travel, personal relationships, personal money and even bank account penetration, is to be included in stick watch out.

People who incite telephone conversations is an attack in their personal secrets, should know that this has been practicing in the region and even in western countries in a bid to secure the people’s safety.

Despite the fact that in some ministries, a security representative has been introduced, but no practical work had seen that even for weeks don’t go out from his office. This sort of disregard in offices which is pillar of the government, must not be given room.

An agent of National Directorate expertly employed to the every organs that no official of the institutions aware off. The agent must report to the security center regularly and continuously.

3- City’s security

Transfer of all government institutions, including the Presidential Palace, the executive office, embassies and international none-government organizations, from the city. The same method also should apply in provinces—with exception police districts in center and provinces which is necessary in every area.

Today, the enemy has succeeded in using state vehicles to carry out terrorist activities.

So car parking is to be provided to the all government offices in secure area, where 24-hours to be under security cameras and personnel, especially, vehicles of ministries of defense, interior, national directorate of security, public health, and department of firefighters.

No one has the right to use or dispose of public facilities for personal use.

Each ministry must not use any kind of personal and contract equipment for transportation purposes.

In center, strong oversight must apply to travelers to the embassies, including government and private sector agencies—and also strong monitoring in all political representatives in the provinces.

Set up of a modern technology department to check 24 hours every corner of the city and highways connecting provinces to another through security cameras.

A database (software) to be created to register commercial companies, contractors and transport vehicles that carry goods outside the border or till hypothetical line, and also detailed registration of the company name and its specifications. The registration number with the government or relevant organs, the category and full specifications of the vehicle, the specifications of the driver with the address, and etc, with other necessary specification should be added in the software. This should be established at the entrance gate of each city by the responsible authority to approve it and report it to the next gate and eventually to the center.

Security and intelligence agents should be make a way into in the city very professionally, for instance as an employee, venders, shopkeeper, a salesman, taxi driver, beggar and etc.

The garrison is required to be in each crossing for the purpose of enforcing the public order, and in case of violation by powerful wings, government officials, civilian or military, the Garrison must has authority to detain and bring them to the justice.

I must point out that people’s cooperation is a must for bringing peace and stability, but unfortunately, many people have lost their precious live in line of supporting the government. Therefore, a regular group should be established to conceal the identity of the peers to the government.

And also through mass communication, people should be made aware of their cooperation. People have to cooperate with the security agencies to have a profound impact on security, peace, and prosperity in the country.

It is very unfortunate that today’s Kabul landscape changed to a most insecure capital in the world. Every sort of initiative that could slowly help our country must be implemented.

Note: Every year, many ministries failed to spend their annual budget due to ongoing insecurity or inadequacy, so security agencies must have the capacity to spend the budget properly in order to bring a durable peace and stability.

The writer is Deputy Director of International Press Center at International Press Center in Seattle, Washington

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