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President promises to increase women’s participation in govt

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani said that the government would remain committed to boost up women’s role in all government affairs across the country.

“We have a long way to foster women’s empowerment, but there is hope for women progress in the country,” said the president, speaking at a women’s gathering.

“Afghan women are involved in all aspects of government affairs shoulder by shoulder and they will move toward.”

Ghani urged women to discuss all issues and make suggestions according to Afghan culture that is positive for women progress.

Foreign minister Salahuddin Rabbani said women’s empowerment was on top of the government’s agenda.

He insisted that elimination of violence, empowerment of women, boosting up education facility for female and their access to health care services will be on prior of the government.

Foreign minister said that the presence of women in cabinet, parliament, diplomatic posts and other government organs were the clear sign of progress of women.

Norwegian Froeign Minister Børge Brende said that Oslo would be a long partner with Afghan women and government.

“We will help Afghan government to empower women and improvement of women will lead to peace, stability and development,” he said.

The US special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, said that the US government will support Afghan government in the aspect of empowerment of women.

He said that US along with Afghan government will strive to enhance social justice in Afghan society.

It is pertained to mention that the abovementioned symposium was attended by different Afghan and foreignaffairs mostly women activist to discuss challenge faced Afghan women and seekingoutgoing ways.


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