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Presidential candidates reject negotiating in ARG

KABUL: Presidential candidates are not ready to negotiate with President Ghani on the circumstances of his tenure extension in the Presidential Palace (ARG).

President Ghani is ready to negotiate on ordaining the election ethical principles.

But, the Presidential Candidates Council say that President Ghani should be ready to negotiate with them in another place rather than Arg.

“They have illegally inside the ARG. It is the time that they come outside of the ARG so the discussions over the election take place in a location rather than Arg,” said Shahab Hakimi, a Presidential Candidate.

However, none of the sides have become ready to prepare set the ground for beginning the negotiations.

“We hope that the negotiations take place soon and the President should not fear from sitting and talking to the candidate,” said Faramarz Tamana another Presidential Candidate.

At the same time, the presidential candidate claim that the President has created networks and opened offices for his election campaigns using government assets and facilities.

In contrast, ARG rejects these allegations and accuse the candidates of campaigning before the scheduled date.  

“These sayings are demagogical and Arg wants to make the candidates busy with these issues,” said Hakim Torsan, a presidential candidate.  

Meanwhile, the presidential candidates are supposed to protest against the continuation of the government’s tenancy in the coming days.

In addition, they are supposed to contemplate on boycotting the coming presidential election.

This comes as they [candidate] warns that in the case referred to this option, another crisis will be created in the country. (ariananews.af)

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