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Presidential hopeful: Government sabotages peace process

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KABUL: A presidential candidate accuses the national unity government of standing against the peace process, saying government is sabotaging the process.

Dr. Sayed Norullah Jalili, who was speaking to his supporters in a Kabul campaign gathering, said Sunday that government leaders stopped the peace process for elections.

Many of 17 candidates say peace should be given priority than the elections.

Jalili alleged that the government was frankly opposing the peace process.

Jalili criticized President Ghani for not fulfilling what he had promised to people five years back during presidential campaign. He accused Ghani of deceiving people with his slogans to preserve republic system.

He said that peace was a need for him, but he wouldn’t accept the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate and their white flag.

The allegations come as presidential spokesman said recently that the government stopped some peace efforts to pave the road for elections.

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