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Presidential hopefuls accuse govt. of ‘architecting’ elections

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KABUL: Some presidential candidates accuse the government and President Ashraf Ghani in particular of making efforts to turn the upcoming presidential contests for his benefits.

They say that President Ghani was campaigning at high levels to turn elections in his benefit, despite his term was legally over on May 22.

The fourth presidential elections after Taliban collapse are to be held on September 28 with 18 runners, including Ghani’s former national security adviser Hanif Atmar and the president’s rival in 2014 elections Abdullah Abdullah who now shares power with him serving as chief executive, a post similar to prime minister established in 2014 by the US broker to prevent a crisis.

The first presidential election was held in 2004 with a high turnout across the country as people were democratically electing their leader. Hamid Karzai was the winner.

These candidates said Saturday they were preparing for the next week’s “civil moves” and would boycott elections if their demands were not met by the government.

Prior to this statement, controversial politician and former governor for the strategic province of Balkh in the north Ata Noor had called on his supporters to stage what he called civil moves after the Eid festival.

The candidates also accused President Ghani of meddling and architecting elections.

They said that government was misusing government sources for a single electoral team.

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