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Presidential hopefuls threaten to boycott elections

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KABUL: A number of presidential runners have threatened to boycott the September presidential race if the government didn’t meet their demands over a transparent election.

A council made of these candidates said Monday in a statement that the government continues “illegal” job especially on appointing and firing officials for campaigning for President Ghani.

The statement also warned the Independent Election Commission that they would lose trust in the body if it didn’t perform based on electoral law.

It said that leader of the government are candidates for presidency, so they appoint and fire officials for their own benefit in the elections.
It added that if the government ignored people’s demands and continued illegal works, the presidential candidates would use “every possible option” against the Ghani administration and the government would be responsible for the consequences. President Ghani has recently changed dozens of officials including ministers, ambassadors, provincial governors and provincial police chiefs, despite criticisms by his rivals.

John Bass, US Ambassador to Kabul, has also said that the term of the national unity government was legally over and the recent official changes create questions.

He urged that government leaders should realize that they are in a special term of governing, saying that their authorities should be restricted.

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