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Prisoners escape: 12 jail staffers to inquiry over

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KABUL: Following the escape of seventh prison from a jail in southern Paktia province, a provincial local official has spoke about detention of 12 people, including chief of the prison for inquiry over prisoners escape.

According to Abdullah Hasrat, provincial governor’s spokesman, the arrested people are guards and in charges of the prison.

Investigation over their possible role and facilitation to prisoners escape is underway, he added.  “They will be sent to judicial department once they found guilty.”

The arrest comes after the escape of at least seven prisoners from inside of a prison in Gardiz, the capital city of Paktia. The initial findings showed that the prisoners have broken the fence of the prison’s mosque. Meanwhile, the Taliban have claimed their involvement, saying that the prisoners who have succeeded a tactical escape are their affiliated members.

It is worth mentioning that government officials have repeatedly come under criticism for the poor management in administrative fields of prisons as scores of prisoners most of them the Taliban- whom the government consider as a high risk to Afghanistan’s security, have succeeded to escape.

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