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Probers of Kunduz airstrike shielding gov’t: Lawmakers

AT News Report-KABUL: Some lawmakers accuse the government’s fact finding delegation for the Kunduz incident of making deal with the security bodies, calling it a big “oppression” against the victims of the recent air strike victims.

Allah Gul Mujahed, a member of the parliament, said Wednesday that representatives from Kunduz province had a deal with the ministry of defense and the national directorate of security over the incident that the government claims only Taliban fighters were killed.

“We decided to send a delegation of three parliamentary commissions to probe Kunduz incident. I think either the representatives from Kunduz or some other province made deal with the government that helped government take advantage,” Mujahed said.

In a government air strike on the Dasht-e-Archi district of Kunduz, a large number of civilians including school children were killed. The government said that the strike took place against Taliban fighters who had gathered.

But, some other legislators accuse parliament speaker Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi of dealing with the government.

“Mujahed has accused us of deal. I personally was not part of the delegation. It doesn’t depend on me whether Ibrahimi has made deal with the government,” said Kamal Safi, a parliamentarian from Kunduz province.

Ibrahimi was not immediately available for comments.

Meanwhile, Homayoun Homayoun, deputy parliament speaker criticized the lawmakers for hypocrisy, saying that they defend the security ministers when they are in the parliament sessions to answer the MPs’ questions.

The government assigned a delegation in the wake of conflicting reports over the civilian casualties in Dasht-e-Archi district to find out what really happened in the airstrike.

General Khodaidad Hazara, an official of the national security council headed the delegation. The president’s office and the national security council are yet to publicize the report of the fact finding delegation.

The open media defense, a non-government body supporting freedom of media calls government’s act in not sharing the report with the people “against the constitution”.

“This is against the constitution and the right of access to information. This harms the people and the freedom of speech,” said Mojib Khalvatgar, head of NAI media office.

He added the government tries to silence the voice of freedom that causes public mistrust to government.




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