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Protestors lift tents, but continue protest

AT-KABUL: The protestors to the government policies called ‘Uprising for Change’ removed six tents installed on the major roads of Kabul city on Tuesday.

Following recent attack in Kabul hundreds of demonstrators came out to the streets of Kabul city on last Friday in a bid to march on the Presidential Palace. They had been protesting against last Wednesday’s massive truck bomb in the city that killed over 150 people. Protestors blaming security officials with failure in security reinforcement and were seeking their resignation. Since Friday they have established different protest tents in Kabul city, which caused lots of traffic jam and a big matter of concern for public during the holy month of Ramadan.

“In respect to the people and holy month of Ramadan, the Uprising for Change decided to remove 5-6 tents from roads in Kabul city and put end for traffic jam,” said an organizer of the demonstration, Haroon Motaref.

He said that still protestor’s demand has been not met, but we hope the government positively respond to our demand.

One protest tent remained near Zanbaq square, if the government not positively responds to our demand, we will increase number of tents back, he added.

Following recent incident Attorney General Office (AGO) has suspended Garrison and Kabul Police Chief.

Members of Parliaments, Number of Jihadi and National Parties often expressed concern over sit-in tents by demonstrators in Kabul city, which has caused big traffic jam in Kabul city during Ramadan holy month. They asked demonstrators to put an end to blocking roads.

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