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Protests in Heart, Faraha against Mullah Mansoor’s call for jihad

AT-KABUL:  Citizens in western Herat and Farah provinces on Monday took to the street against the recently released audio message by the new Taliban leader Mullah Mansoor where has vowed to continue the fighting. The protestors chanted anti-Mullah Mansoor slogans and condemned his audio message as the continuation of the war means the continuation of the bloodshed of innocent civilians. The protestors said his jihad calls is tantamount to cessation of peace talks. They also condemned the intelligence agencies of Pakistan and the United States for keeping the war continued under one pretext or the other.

In the 33-minute audio message released on Saturday, Mansoor also called on his followers not to pay attention to rumors about the Taliban campaign.

The Taliban elected Mullah Mansoor as its new leader despite opposition from Mullah Omar’s blood relatives after the group confirmed the death of his predecessor Mullah Omar. Since the report of the death of Mullah Omar surfaced in media there has been a power struggle in the Taliban movement. Besides the protest in Herat province, hundreds of civil society activists and tribal elders staged a protest demonstration in Farah to in condemnation of Pakistan’s interference in Afghans’ internal affairs. The protestors announced their support for the Afghan-led peace process and condemned the audio message of Mullah Mansoor. The protestors showed their war-weariness and called on the Taliban insurgents to stop the bloodshed and to cease playing in the hands of Pakistan. They urged the Taliban to take the road of peace talks.

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