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Protests in Kabul still simmering on Farkhunda’s tragic death

By Akhtar M. Nikzad: KABUL: Hundreds of people gathered in front of Supreme Court in Kabul on Monday to seek justice for Farkhunda, a 27-year old woman lynched by an angry mob last week.

After falsely accusing her of burning Holy Qura’an, a mob in Kabul beat Farkhunda to death, burned her dead body and then threw her corpse into Kabul River by Shah-e-Doshamshera Mosque.

Hundreds of people including civil society and right activists, university professors, political figures, social workers, and lawmakers gathered in front of Supreme Court to protest lynching of Farkhunda. The protesters said that those responsible for Farkhunda’s murders should be held accountable.

The protestors were chanting slogans against perpetrators of the heinous act and called on judicial organizations to publicly prosecute murders of the 27-year old woman.

Many of the female protestors inked their faces red to symbolize Farkhunda’s blood-stained face.

The protestors were carrying banners which read “we want justice for Farkhunda”, “we are Farkhunda”, “don’t kill me: Farkhunda” and “death to ignorance”.

The protestors were chanting the slogans of “We want justice”, “we are Farkhunda”, “support for ignorance is a crime” and “Farkhunda was our sister”.

The protestors called on judicial organizations to prosecute those involved in lynching of Farkhunda

Nilofar Ebrahimi, a lawmaker who has also attended the protest, told Afghanistan Times that the government should not turn a blind eye and deaf ear to this issue and should bring those responsible to justice.

She said that Farkhunda was brutally killed in front of public and no one including police could rescue her, but today people’s gathering proved that she was innocent.

Ahmad Sayedi, a prominent political figure, said, “Afghan masses are peace loving people and we have a rich culture and will defend from our rights till last drop of our blood.”

He stressed that the government should spare no efforts to arrest and punish those involved in killing of the innocent woman.

Kabul Police Chief, Abdul Rahman Rahimi, talking to a press conference on Monday said that police have arrested 18 people who were allegedly involved in lynching of Farkhunda.

He added that they suspended 13 policemen for negligence in their duty.

Farkhunda’s father told media-men that his daughter went to Shah-e-Doshamshera shrine to stop a faith healer from deceiving people. “The faith healer falsely accused her of burning a copy of Holy Qura’an and encouraged people to beat her,” he added.

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