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Protests Urges Iran to Stop Mistreatment of Afghan Refugees

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KABUL: The residents of capital Kabul and the southeastern province of Khost, staged protests in reaction to the reports about the misconduct of Iran towards Afghan refugees in Iran. Dozens of people took to the streets in the southeastern province of Khost, where they demonstrated over recent reports of Iran’s treatment of Afghan refugees.  “The Afghans should be treated based on law. It is not fair—it is not humane that an Afghan kid or youth is killed in Iran,” said Habib Khan, a resident of Khost.  The participants called for the reopening of girls schools as well.  “We call on the people of Afghanistan to reopen the girls schools under an Islamic structure and with the observation of Hijab,” said Mohammad Ali, a tribal elder.  The protestors also called on the Islamic Emirate to provide jobs opportunities for citizens and address the need of the people.They also urged the international community to help.“The international community must provide work opportunities for the Afghans inside the country so they will not leave the country,” said Naqibullah, a resident of Khost.  The videos went viral on the social media, showing the mistreatment of Iran towards the Afghan refugees.

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