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PTM to Pakistan: Stop interfering in Afghanistan

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KABUL: The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) during a huge gathering in South Waziristan on Tuesday called on Pakistan to stop its interference in Afghanistan, voiding opposition to the killing of Afghan people in the ongoing war.

PTM chief Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen blamed Pakistan for using Pashtuns soil against Afghanistan and warned that he will allow anyone to use Pashtuns soil against Afghanistan.

Pashteen urged Pakistan to put a halt to its negative interference in Afghanistan and did not rule out the possibility that the continuation of war there would bring destruction to the Pashtun settled in this side of the Durand line.

A former Pakistani senator Afrasiab Khattak wrote on his twitter that the gathering opposed the undeclared war against Afghanistan from Pakistani side killing innocent people and termed the gathering as demonstration of solidarity with Afghan people, peace and republic.

Pakistan government has not reacted Pashteen remarks so far but Pakistani officials repeatedly said that they support peace and stability in Afghanistan and make all out efforts for that.

Pakistan government also rejected supporting Taliban and hosting Taliban leaders in its soil.

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