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Public supports for security forces sought

‘Security forces are courageous sons of this soil’

AT-KABUL: The governor of northern Faryab province has called on the religious scholars to extend determined support for the security forces, and turn down any sort of pressure in this regard.

Authorities of provincial government and civil society activists emphasized on support for the security forces in a crowded gathering attended by influential individuals, elders and common people of the area.

Governor Syed Anwar Sadaat, while addressing to the gathering told the participants that despite destructive activities of insurgent supported by outsiders, the security forces had been chasing terrorism effectively this year.

He added that more than 200 insurgents had been killed in various operations conducted during the past one month, while 500 civilians claimed casualties in Faryab over the past three months.

He furthered the Afghan scholars have stronger muscles as compared to their Arab and Pakistani counterparts and should not be shake by foreigners regarding issuing jihad-related decrees.

Moreover, Abdul Ahad Aailbaik, deputy head of the provincial council, appreciated and titled the security forces as courageous sons of this soil.

However, he charged the government for undermining the morality of security forces.

He alleged and pointed out some disloyal individuals who are aiding to the Taliban insurgents for conducting destructive and terrorist activities against the national security forces.

He urged that the international community to keep a close eye while monitoring the foreign assistance to know how and where was being spent.

He stressed on transparent utilization of foreign aid.

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