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Purpose of Loya Jirga is not to change current govt: Karzai

‘I favor US presence, if it brings peace, stability, and put an end to the ongoing Afghan genocide’

AT News Report-KABUL: The Former President Hamid Karzai said that the purpose of Loya Jirga is not to end the wok of the current government or to oppose the election, but complement it.

In an exclusive interview with the German News Agency (DW), Karzai said the United Stated has been the main obstacle in convening the traditional Loya Jirga because it is being afraid that Jirga might be decided the complete withdrawal of US-led NATO forces from Afghanistan.

Hamid Karzai has been insisting on the traditional Loya Jirga to have comprehensive debate over the new US strategy on Afghanistan that intensified war and minuses peace and reconciliation efforts.

Afghanistan has been entered into the era of uncertainty which needs the traditional Loya Jirga to be held to pullout the country and its people from the ongoing heart-wrenching problems, Karzai added.

The traditional Loya Jirga is the only remedy to assist the government and the general Afghan masses in holding better electoral process for the Parliament and Presidency, Karzai highlighted the importance of Loya Jirga.

Hamid Karzai repeatedly pointed out that the United States has been engaged in creating hindrances for convening the Loya Jirga.

“The US ambassador to Kabul has openly expressed his concerns over the convention of traditional Loya Jirga,” Karzai disclosed, adding the Afghan people has the right to decide the US complete withdrawal, if it’s presence in Afghanistan is contradicting to the country’s national interests.

Karzai added, “At the moment, I am not in alliance with the United States, and the reason is as US is not doing in the interests of Afghanistan.”

However, Karzai favored the presence of US in the country, “if it brings peace and stability, putting an end to the ongoing Afghan genocide and stops violation to the country’s sovereignty.”

“Violation to the Afghanistan’s sovereignty has been continued, airstrikes are on the peak, prisons under the direct administration of US troops like Bagram have been once again functionalized, civilian casualties touches the highest level and a hidden hand fueling disunity among the Afghan people, but unfortunately, the Unity Government has been tight lipped over it,” Karzai slammed the leadership of the UNG leadership.

Karzai once again called on the Taliban to take direct part in the traditional Loya Jirga and quite war to put an end to the US presence in the country.

Hamid Karzai stood against Unity Government after the US dropped the “mother of all bombs” in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province. That was totally violation of Afghanistan sovereignty, and national dignity. He started criticizing the government and US after noticing violation to the country’s sovereignty and seeding disunity among the Afghan masses.

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