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Putin, Erdogan in Iran for trilateral meeting with Raisi


Kabul: Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold talks Tuesday with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran.

Putin’s visit to Iran, shortly after Biden’s visit to the Middle East, raises questions about this coincidence and whether the visit of the Russian president was in response to the visit of his American counterpart.

According Iranian media there is no direct relationship between these two meetings and it seems that this coincidence is just a coincidence.

“Biden’s trip to the region, contrary to what the Israeli media say, took place in the context of the confrontation with Iran, with the aim of finding a solution to the global energy and food crisis and reorganizing relations between Washington’s allies in the region. However, the Russian president’s visit to Tehran is in line with Putin’s efforts to “get Iran’s help in circumventing sanctions, considering its vast experience in this field”.

“Dmitry Peskov”, the spokesman of the Kremlin, confirmed this in an interview on Monday that Russia and Iran will cooperate to reduce the consequences of sanctions.

He said that the two countries have a high ability to cooperate in order to reduce the effects of sanctions imposed against them.

“We hope that soon we will sign important agreements with Iran in comprehensive strategic cooperation, and we have presented a plan in this regard to Tehran, that Iran and Russia will stop trading with dollars over time.” He added

Regarding the Ukrainian war, Dmitry Peskov emphasized that there is no specific time frame for Russia’s special operation in Ukraine and it will end when all its goals are achieved.

Since the announcement of this meeting, the western media have been reporting the high concern of the officials of their countries in this regard. In this connection, “that increasing the cooperation between Iran and Russia will change the situation in Syria and posing treat to security of US allies in the region.

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