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Putin urges SCO to prioritize Afghanistan in counterterrorism efforts

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KABUL – Russian President Vladimir Putin has emphasized that Afghanistan should be at the center of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s (SCO) attention due to its turbulent situation.

Addressing the virtual SCO summit on Tuesday, President Putin expressed regret over the lack of improvement in the country’s condition. He called upon the SCO member states to collaborate and take collective measures to stabilize Afghanistan and prevent it from becoming a safe haven for terrorists.

President Putin highlighted that terrorism has become a serious threat to regional and global security. He urged the organization to strengthen its efforts in combating terrorism and extremism effectively.

Furthermore, Putin called on the organization to restore stability in Afghanistan and prevent it from becoming a secure base for terrorists.

Putin stated that the fight against terrorism, extremism, religious radicalism, drug trafficking, and insurgency must remain a top priority for the SCO.

“I wish to remind everyone of Russia’s proposal to transform the SCO from a regional anti-terrorism organization into a multi-purpose center capable of addressing a wide range of security threats,” stated President Putin.

The virtual SCO summit was attended by the heads of Russia, Iran, China, Pakistan, and Central Asian countries to discuss pressing regional security issues.

The SCO’s active involvement in Afghanistan reflects the importance of addressing the ongoing security challenges in the region. As the situation in Afghanistan remains complex, it will require concerted efforts from all member states to ensure stability and peace in the region.

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