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Qaisari arrest was illegal; House delegation

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KABUL: A delegation appointed by the lawmakers to probe the arrest order of militia commander in the north Nezamuddin Qaisari, says that the order was illegal.

Ali Akbar Qasemi, a lawmaker and member of delegation, said Wednesday that they assessed the issue impartially and found that the order issued by the government was illegal.

The government forces launched an operation to arrest Qaisari in December in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif, provincial capital of Balkh, where the militia commander was staying. The operation was launched shortly after Qaisari was released from government custody.

Several people including seven Qaisari’s men were killed in shootout with police and two officers were wounded, but Qaisari managed to escape unhurt.

The government also detained 35 people in this connection, whose fates are unclear.

Adel Shah Adel, Balkh police spokesman had said at the time of operation that the Qaisari was charged for bullying and unbound, so judiciary issued his arrest warrant.

Qasemi rejected the order from judiciary, saying their finding indicates that only Khoshhal Saadat, former deputy interior minister had asked Balkh police in a WhatsApp message to “eliminate Qaisari and close his file”.

The member of parliament called the order against the constitution of Afghanistan, citing the constitution’s article 27 that “nobody should be chased, arrest or detain, unless the law allows. Nobody should be punished unless the court allows.”

Qasemi added that army commander in the north was also involved in the operation.

However, he said that Qaisari was guilty for carrying illegal arms and leading armed men and that people complain his armed men.

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