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Qaradawi, the Muslim scholar who influenced millions


Kabul: The passing of Yusuf al-Qaradawi in Qatar on Monday marks the end of an era in contemporary Islam. Al-Qaradawi was one of the world’s most influential Muslim scholars, and a vocal advocate for Palestinian liberation as well as for the Arab awakening of 2011. His passing at the age of 96 brings to a close the career of one of the most important Muslim scholars of the last century.

Born in 1926 in a village in the Nile Delta of Egypt, which was still under British colonial rule, al-Qaradawi went to study at the prestigious Al-Azhar University based in Cairo. As a teenager, he was closely associated with it and the Muslim Brotherhood – two of the most important institutions of his day.

Al-Qaradawi was one of the main theoreticians in the so-called “Al-Wastiyah” movement and one of the students of Hassan al-Banna school and the Muslim Brotherhood. His fame was due to his books, religious TV programs and taking a stand against some Arab rulers and heads of Western countries. He supported the uprising of people in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria.

In 2020, Sheikh Yusuf Qarzawi asked the warring parties in Afghanistan to be flexible in their positions and take steps towards peace.

He published more than 120 books and received eight international awards for his contribution to religious sciences and was one of the most influential Islamic scholars in contemporary times.

His “Sharia and Life” program was broadcast on Al Jazeera network that has between 40 to 60 million audiences worldwide.

Meanwhile, Taliban leader expressed his condolences on the death of Dr. Yusuf Qarzawi, calling  his demise an irreparable loss for the Islamic Ummah.

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