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Qatar opposes Afghanistan isolation, urges engagement

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KABUL – Amid the escalating crisis in Afghanistan, Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Majed Al-Ansari, has underscored the need for engagement rather than complete isolation as the way forward. In a recent statement, Al-Ansari acknowledged the challenges of engaging with the Taliban government but insisted that isolation has proven ineffective.

“The situation in Afghanistan today is undoubtedly complex for the international community, but complete isolation is not the answer; it didn’t work, and it will not work,” Al-Ansari stated. He emphasized that the only viable path is through active engagement.

Qatar, deeply committed to addressing the Afghan issue, is actively involved in mediating between Afghanistan and the global community. Al-Ansari expressed their dedication, saying, “Afghanistan is of utmost importance to Qatar. We are heavily invested in this matter and are working diligently to facilitate dialogue between Afghanistan and the rest of the world. There is much work to be done.”

Meanwhile, at the 78th United Nations General Assembly, Richard Bennett, the UN special rapporteur for Afghanistan, drew attention to the profound challenges faced by women and girls in Afghanistan. He lamented that trust in the global community has eroded among Afghan women, who feel abandoned by the international community.

Speaking during a session titled “Combatting Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan,” Bennett called for concrete measures to end gender discrimination in the country. He pointed out that Afghan women and girls have endured isolation and mistrust due to the ongoing crisis, which has resulted in severe injustices, particularly in terms of education and employment opportunities.

Despite international calls for gender equality in Afghanistan, Taliban leaders have persisted in denying women and girls access to education and employment. Furthermore, they have warned other nations against interfering in Afghanistan’s domestic affairs. The situation remains a pressing concern as efforts continue to address the complex challenges in the region.

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