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Qatar provides fund for Afghan refugee children in Iran


Kabul: The Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and Iran are set to provide 24,900 children with education as part of a new memorandum of understanding, Doha’s state news agency reported.

According to the agreement, the Qatar Fund for Development will provide €4,878 million to support projects on educational opportunities for Afghan children who are out of school or at risk of dropping out.

The Qatari institution highlighted various difficulties that pose obstacles to refugees fleeing conflict in their countries, including inequalities and heavy economic burdens.

“Poverty, cultural barriers, Infrastructural shortfalls, gender inequalities and lack of proper documentation are all obstacles that children face, preventing them from accessing primary education,” Doha news reported.

According to Iranian government figures, the country hosts 780,000 registered refugees and at least 2.1 million undocumented refugees from Afghanistan.

Iranian government policies grant refugees’ basic necessities including education and 96% of refugees in Iran live in cities, towns and villages, the UN’s website says.

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