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Questioning insecurity

Apparently, improved security is becoming a wild goose chase. There is not even a single day that goes out without news about insecurity-related incidents. Insecurity not only means attacks by the Taliban and other insurgent groups but civilians killed by civilians as well. The deteriorating law and order condition is quite depressing, disappointing and worth-noticing. On Wednesday officials in Badakhshan confirmed that the Taliban had laid siege to Yamgan District resulting in severe food shortages. Administrative chief of the district Nawroz Muhammad Haidari affirmed that the Taliban fighters had occupied positions on hilltops and mountain peaks to be at strategic position. On the same day, nine security personnel were killed in nationwide offensives. The number of militants killed in the operations is much higher than that. As many as 21 Taliban fighters were killed alone in Imam Sahib District of Kunduz province. Meanwhile, a would-be suicide bomber was arrested in Balkh and the dead body of a child killed by his own uncle over petty issue was recovered. A day earlier would-bomber was killed in Kandahar.

To go through such news one need antidepressants. Looking at the current law and order situation it is feared that insecurity would jump further in the next few months as the Taliban are preparing for their “spring offensive”. Though, Afghan National Security Forces are doing best to their ability to establish writ of the government and deal with the fresh bout of violence in better manner, but still the pressure is mounting due to lack of required resources. Furthermore, the vital defense ministry is run by acting minister. Learning from the past mistakes to mend our ways and proceed in the right direction is need of the hour.

Hence, those sitting in the corridors of power should acknowledge that insecurity exists and had made lives of the citizens miserable. Fear of being killed or crippled by insurgent groups is haunting civilians without any pause. The authorities should take concrete steps to establish writ of the government in parts of the country where militants have established centers and maneuvering effectively, because civilians are suffering most in terms of casualties.

In a nutshell, to improve the law and order situation the government should overhaul the law enforcement agencies. Equipping and training the security agencies should be made top priorities. The United States and her allies should be approached to urge them for provision of the required military hardware and elimination of the terror outfits.

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