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‘Quetta Shura, a Title for Pakistan to Implement Evil Designs’

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KABUL: The First Vice President Amrullah Saleh says that Quetta Shur (Council) was “nothing else” but a title for the Pakistani military to implement their plans.

Saleh in a statement on Sunday said that since he found that the Taliban lack “charismatic” figures. “Pakistan does not allow it,” he added.  

The Taliban commanders abused the money collected from the people for their personal expenses, Saleh said, adding that the insurgents didn’t have public services. He said that there are some public services in the areas under the militants’ control that also belong to the government organization.

He said that the government found out about the factories and agencies that provide explosives materials to the Taliban. “Proved the Taliban and Pakistan’ claims inaccurate regarding their involvement in the string of targeted-killings,” he said. “The world understands that the Taliban status has not been changed for the negotiations in Doha.”

Saleh cited the remarks at a time, while there are high hopes for ending the war in Afghanistan. The U.S administration presented President Ashraf Ghani with a new proposal to speed up the peace process that could lead to forging a peace deal.

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