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Rabbani insists on ‘fight’ to change political system

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KABUL: Salahuddin Rabbani, head of Jamiat, a previously jihadi party says he would continue fight the “coup de tat against people’s votes” change political system.

Rabbani who supported Abdullah Abdullah against President Ghani in last year’s polls, emphasized that he would agree “deal on people’s votes”.

In a statement issued Monday, he warned that Afghanistan was returning to an autocratic system and monopoly.

Rabbani resigned as foreign minister last year after President Ghani gave most of his authorities to his deputy.

He called a low turnout in last year’s poll, calling “destructive efforts and ignorance of domestic and foreign politicians to historical agonies” as the reasons.

“Ignorance to electoral coup de tats results return to autocracy and monopoly that form governments that have long distances from people.”He rejected reports that Abdullah had accepted President Ghani’s offer for heading of the reconciliation council. “We trust in our people’s real votes and will not deal with the coups in any cost.”

He said that their struggle would only follow people’s will that is change of political system.

Some reports said earlier that Rabbani wanted the revoke of presidential election as part of a deal with Ghani.

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