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Radio Pakistan misuses US officials’ speech on Durand Line

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: Radio Pakistan, a state-run media on Tuesday falsely misused the remarks of the US Department of State Spokesperson John Kirby about the Durand line.

Kirby was wrongly quoted by Radio Pakistan that the US government recognized the Durand Line as permanent border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The falsely remarks by Pakistani media comes at a time when the US and its allies in Warsaw Summit announced financial support for Afghanistan National Security and Defense Forces by end of 2020.

Afghan foreign ministry termed allegation of Pakistani media fake news aiming at hampering relations between Kabul and Washington.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs knows that the news is baseless and the US has no remarks about recognizing of Durand line. Durand Line belongs to the Afghan nation they have the right to take decision about it,” said Ahmad Shekib Mustaghni, Spokesman for Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We compare speeches of John Kirby with Radio Pakistan news. We found out that this radio prepared phony news about Duran Line,” asserted Mustaghni.

Pakistan has endeavored to achieve the Duran Line by imposing diverse pressures on Afghan government in the past.

After targeting Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour by US drone strike in Pakistan and extension of trade relationship of Kabul with New Delhi through Chabahar Port in Iran, Islamabad remained in quite isolation.

Some political analysts believe that Pakistan can never gain Durand Line because people of this area are Pashtun tribe and they have long-term willing to stand next to their Pashtun in Afghanistan.

Mirbat Khan Mangal, a lawmaker, said that Pakistan should not weaken its economy over Durand Line, but logically trough it out to Afghan government, otherwise Islamabad will face with dangerous of collapse which will be more expansive than Duran Line.

“Government has not the right to take decision about Duran Line, but it is the authority of people to lead government to recapture its land from Pakistan territory” he asserted.

Afghan officials frequently addressed Pakistan that they never recognize imposed Duran Line as joint border of the two countries.

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