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Radio Still Popular in Afghan Society

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KABUL: The ministry of information and culture says that a large number of people in Afghanistan rely on radio stations as a reliable source of information.

Mohammad Sabir Momand, spokesman for the ministry said that more than 270 radio stations were active across Afghanistan.

Radio still holds its fans and popularity beside several other media outlets, he said. “The people still listen to Radio, and its listeners and fans are still high.” He said that the ministry issues 70 licenses for the media outlets.

February 13 is marked as the International Day of Radio and 120 years have passed since the first voice was published in the Radio.

Afghanistan is one of the worlds’ unilateral countries where a great number of people rely on radio stations to get information about the daily incidents in the country. However, many radio stations have been facing financial and security challenges.

A member of the Afghanistan Journalist Protection Center, Wahida Faizi said that financial shortages of the radio stations have recently been increased from 30 to 50 percent. He cited the Covid-19 outbreak as a reason for the challenges in the media family.

This comes as the journalists and media workers have recently faced serious threats by the terrorist groups. The Reporter Sans Borders in a report earlier placed Afghanistan on top of the world’s unsafe countries for the journalists.

The Afghanistan Radio was established as the first radio station in 1924 in the era of King Amanulla Khan.

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