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Rahmani warns govt. on ‘sensitive appointments’ in provincial offices

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KABUL: Parliament Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani warns that the government’s appointments of provincial heads should not face public sensitive reactions.

President Ghani replaced Faryab governor Naqibullah Fayeq with Mohammad Dawood as new governor. The appointment that took place on the weekend, was followed by Faryab residents’ reaction who protest the appointment of what they say “is not from the area”.

Fayeq is of Uzbek ethnicity and from Faryab province, while the newly appointed governor is from Laghman province and hails from Pashtoon.

“Appointments in the country especially at the top of administrative offices should consider the dominant situation in the country,” Rahmani said Monday. He advised the government to prevent appointments that help political crisis and erupt ethnic sensations.
“Unfortunately, the government of Afghanistan does not use the sources who can gather people to defend the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,” said Mohammadullah Batash, representative of Kunduz in the parliament.
He accused the government of optional appointments and appointing of people who have never visited the province before and do not have any information about the residents.
“Unfortunately, we hear these days that a person has been appointed as governor in Faryab, but he doesn’t know the situation and problems people have there. The government should be selected from Faryab cadres and the governor of a province should be appointed from the same province,” said another lawmaker Shafiqa Sakha Yulaji.
She said that Faryab is an important strategic area in the north, suggesting that its governor should be a capable person.

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