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Raziq assassination plot was hatched in Pakistan: Spymaster

Intelligence chief on Monday disclosed that the conspiracy to kill Kandahar police chief General Raziq was hatched in Pakistan and one of their cadres had executed the plan, according to a top intelligence official.

“The conspiracy to kill General Raziq was hatched in Pakistan and executed by a militant in Kandahar,” National Directorate of Security Chief Masoum Stanikzai said while addressing a press conference in Kandahar on Monday.

He said there is tangible evidence to establish that the shooter made a two-and-half minute phone call to someone one the other side of the border to receive orders 15 minutes before the shooting rampage.

Stanikzai said it was very clear that the enemy of Afghanistan on that side of the border had plotted the murder.

Commander Raziq was killed on Thursday after a high-level security meeting when a bodyguard of Kandahar governor opened fire at him and a few other senior security officials. Kandahar’s Intelligence Chief was also killed in the shootout, which left Governor Zalmay Weesa injured. Resolute Support Chief Gen. Scott who attended the meeting escaped the shooting rampage unhurt.

Recent reports suggest that a U.S. general was wounded in the killing spree. A Resolute Support spokeswoman, SFC Debra Richardson,said in a statement: “I can confirm US. Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Smiley was wounded during a recent insider attack in Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province.”

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