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Reactions over President Trump’s remarks on Afghanistan

We are not a nation created-by mistake: Trump should remember this

By FarhadNaibkhel

KABUL: US President Donald Trump is famous for making countervail remarks over different topics, and his recent head-scratching comments to kill 10 million people in Afghanistan is definitely ranks as one of it. In a meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan—who did no accorded with due welcome after landing in US, President Trump said he could win the war in Afghanistan in just one week. But Trump says he don’t want to kill millions of people through a war, in which Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the earth.

His insulting remarks sparked upset and outrage in Afghanistan, where Presidential Palace said “Afghanistan as one of the most deep-rooted and ancient countries of the world have been able to overcome countless crisis during history.” The Afghan nation has not and will never allow any foreign power to determine its fate, the Palace said in a statement.

Our cooperation and partnership with the world countries, particularly with the United States, is grounded on common interests and mutual respect. “While the Afghan government supports the US efforts for ensuring peace in Afghanistan, the government underscores that foreign heads of state cannot determine Afghanistan’s fate in absence of the Afghan leadership. Afghanistan will remain dignified and firm in the global political arena,” the statement added.

Taking note over multifaceted relationships between Afghanistan and the United States, the government of Afghanistan has called for clarification on the US President’s statements through diplomatic means and channels.Since it’s an insulting issue and very sensitive to the Afghan people, the government has assured to do a follow up and keep Afghan public posted on it.

Trump’s recent remarks also provoked people’s angeras many Afghan politicians and experts come to the fore with remarks that Afghanistan has not been created by mistake and Afghanistan is not a mistake of history. 

Former Intelligence Chief,Rahmatullah Nabil in a reaction over insultingremarks by Donald Trump, said, “all Afghan politicians including President Ashraf Ghani and Taliban leaders should drop their selfishness and announce that, we will make peace among ourselves and there is no need for mediation of US and Pakistan, Afghan need to be protected before it’s too late.”

He furthered; “Please don’t misled the US public with dire scenarios of millions dying, that the military solution to Afghanistan requires killing millions, if you eliminated 15-30 tier one Taliban leaders that were living in Quetta of Pakistan, and placed 15-30 Pakistan Generals on sanctions list, problem would be solved, don’t present us with false binary choices.”

“Please explain how one wins a war without hitting an enemy’s command and control, the Taliban command and control is in Quetta which you have left untouched,” the former NDS head complained.

He stated that Afghans have made many sacrifices in the cold war and also on the war on terror in behalf of US.“Please don’t insult us by saying “Pakistan will save millions of Afghans”, maybe you don’t care that the Pakistanis have killed tens of thousands Afghans and continue to kill more, you should care that they have also caused thousands of US casualties. Your insulting message to Afghans is either accept the Pakistan proposal for peace or eventually you may have to use nukes, as you repeatedly alluded that you have been presented with plans and have the capacity.”

A political expert, General Abdul Wahid Taqat has strongly reacted to Trump’s comment, saying that history has often proved that Afghanistan has been graveyard of empires.

Given the defeat of British Colonial and Soviet Union Empires by brave Afghans, it proved that Afghanistan is the graveyard these empires, he added.

Moreover, he asked on Afghanistan government to lodge complaints to UN Security Council regarding Trump’s insulting remarks, and it should be seriously followed.

Advisor to the former President Hamid Karzai,ShahzadaMasoudhas strongly condemned Trump’s controversial remarks, saying such commentsshowcased malice of US toward Afghan people. “Such remark is sign of enmity rather than friendship with Afghanistan.”

He called on all politicians, national figures, parties and people to keep unity in order to cope with such challenges. “Through unity we can push the country toward durable peace, stability and prosperity.”

Another political pundit, Ahmad Saedi said Tramp remarks showed US’s irresponsible interference into internal affairs of Afghanistan.

Such remarks, according to him, will impede peace process and also frighten relations between Kabul and Washington.

Trump’s insulting remarks came while US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation ZalmayKhalilzadis due to arrive in Kabul today (Tuesday), to discuss peace process with Afghan leaderships.    

“Focused on achieving an enduring peace that ends the war, ensures terrorists do not use Afghanistan to threaten the US, honors the sacrifices that US, our allies and Afghans made, and cements an enduring relationship with Afghanistan Afghan Peace Process,” Khalizad said in a tweet message.

He said that speaking with Imran Khan, President of the United States reiterated to the world that there is no reasonable military solution to the war in Afghanistan and that peace must be achieved through a political settlement. “Pakistan committed to do all it can to achieve peace.”

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