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Reactions Remain Unabated Towards Pakistan Attack on Afghan Soil

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KABUL: Dozens of residents of the Nangarhar set a rally in Ghani Khail district to protest the Pakistani military’s airstrikes in Khost province as well as firing shelling on parts of Kunar province.
On Friday night, the Pakistani airstrikes targeted civilians’ residences in Spiri district of Khost, in which more than 40 people suffered casualties, according to eyewitnesses.
The demonstration in Nangarhar follows a large rally held by the residents of Khost province on Saturday evening, where they chanted the anti-Pakistan slogans.
The residents in Shiltan district of Kunar province also confirmed the death of five people as a result of the Pakistani military attack in the district.
The attacks were condemned by the Islamic Emirate and top Afghan politicians, including former president Hamid Karzai.
Karzai called the attacks a violation of Afghanistan’s sovereignty, a violation of intational norms, and a crime against humanity.
Also, hundreds of residents of Nangarhar provinces gathered on (today) Sunday morning to protest the Pakistani airstrikes on Afghan soil.
The Pakistan Foreign Ministry in a statement said that the country’s military was being targeted alongside the Durand Line.
“Pakistan and Afghanistan have been engaged for the past several months through institutional channels for effective coordination and security” alongside the Durand Line, the statement said, adding that the attack has continued on the Pakistani security posts, resulting into killing of several Pakistani troops.
The Afghanistan Permanent Mission to the UN in a statement “strongly” condemned the attack and called it an “aggression against the territorial integrity of Afghanistan” and a “flagrant breach of international law”.

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