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Reactions to US Troop Reduction in Afghanistan

Kabul says it has no negative impact as 96pc operations conducted by Afghan security forces. Taliban welcome the move as good advancement and practical measure

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KABUL: The drawdown in the number of the foreign forces does not put a negative impact on the war in Afghanistan, authorities said on Saturday.

A spokesman for the national security office, Rahmatullah Andar said that “96 percent of the operations were conducted by the Afghan security forces.”

The US ministry of defense said in a statement that the number of American soldiers dropped to 2,500. “Today, U.S. forces in Afghanistan total 2,500 – a force level conducive to both our counterterrorism mission and our resolve, with our NATO partners, to support Afghan Security Forces working to secure peace in their country.” the ministry quoted the Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller.

The withdrawal of American troops was agreed in a preliminary peace deal signed on February 29th of 2020. Under the deal that also laid out the intra-Afghan negotiation between the government and Taliban, the Taliban stipulated to cut ties with Al-Qaeda terrorists, the mastermind of 9/11 attacks.

Mohammad Naeem, the Taliban spokesman in Qatar, where the militants maintain a political office, welcomed the US statement of drawdown of American troops in the country.  

“The withdrawal of other US forces from Afghanistan, which was announced by the US, is a good advancement and practical measure. Undoubtedly, the practice of the agreement signed between the IEA and the US is in the benefit of both countries and nations,” he added.

The US outgoing president, Donald Trump said in a statement that the US forces have reached the lowest number during the past 19 years.

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