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Real face of Pakistan: ‘In retaliation, Pakistan should create terrorist groups to dismember UK and Switzerland”

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The UK authorities have ordered the immediate removal of anti-Pakistan advertisement from cabs and launched a probe into the issue. The decision followed a complaint lodged by Pakistan’s foreign ministry with the British High Commissioner to Islamabad after social media users in Pakistan shared some pictures on cabs in London decorated with ‘Free Baluchistan’ slogans.

According to the Express Tribune, Pakistani embassy in the UK had also taken up the issue with the office bearers of Transport for London (TFL) where the embassy sought their help to remove the advertisement from cabs. Pursuing the issue, Pakistan’s ambassador Syed Ibne Abbas held meeting TFL administration and Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua summoned British High Commissioner to Islamabad on Friday to communicate Pakistan’s concerns over the matter. According to Pakistan it was an attack on the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. According to Pakistani media, TFL has issued orders to immediately remove the free Baluchistan ads from cabs in London.

“The TFL confirmed that it has initiated an inquiry into the matter. As soon as the vicious campaign came to the notice of the High Commission, the matter was taken up with the British authorities, including the TFL. The TFL after taking the suitable action of removal of the advertisements has assured of the disciplinary action against the perpetrators of this malicious campaign,” said one official.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office said, the UK High Commissioner to Islamabad was told regarding Pakistan’s objection to the anti-Pakistan advertisement campaign in London.

According to a report by the Express Tribune, the anti-Pakistan campaign was being launched by the World Baluch Organization (WB).  Quoting a Baluch source, it said, the London campaign is “copycat” of a similar campaign that was run in Geneva last month by an NGO called ‘Baluchistan House.’

Probably, Pakistani authorities told the UK authorities that UK own rules on advertisements were violated. As per TFL rules, licensed taxis could not be used for political purposes and their license is restricted only to commercial and business purposes. The TFL receives ads from various commercial agencies and in this regard a Baloch exiled leader has paid the advertising agency to book the political campaign.

This move by Baluchistan’s freedom activists has put Pakistan on further pressure and the whole of the country’s leadership was seemed nervous. A former military man and political and defense commentator, Zaid Hamid has called on Pakistan to create more terrorist and separatist groups in Pakistan and abroad to destroy UK and Switzerland for allowing anti-Pakistan campaign on its soil.

“In retaliation, Pakistan should create terrorist groups to dismember UK and Switzerland,” Zaid Hamid said in a tweet.

He slammed the UK for hosting Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Chief and Baluch separatist leadership.

“UK is hosting the biggest terror network operating against Pakistan. Altaf Hussain is a British citizen & mass murderer under UK protection,” Hamid tweeted.

The notorious Zaid Hamid is a mouth of the pro-terror mindset and followers of the late General Zia terrorist narrative. Noting this, it is very clear that Zaid Hamid had been thoroughly promoting and supporting terrorism against, Afghanistan, India and the US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan. He is the most influential and popular character in the military establishment of the country and cadres of terrorist outfits. That’s why, he was never considered accountable for his terrorist acts and preaching.

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