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‘Reconciling with Taliban would help crush terrorist groups’

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KABUL: The government of Afghanistan hopes it would manage to suppress other terrorist groups once peace with Taliban as the main opponent is agreed.

“Peace with foreigners is not possible. They are not nationals of this country. Peace is possible only with Afghans. When peace is agreed with Taliban, other groups will lose safe havens for their activities here and will be eliminated,” Javid Faisal, spokesman of the National Security Council, said on Sunday.

Omar Zakhilwal, former ambassador to Pakistan, said: “When the war is not completely ended, when Taliban reach an agreement, the small groups will be eliminated. We saw that whenever Taliban have agreed on cease fire, there were fewer incidents or there were not at all.”

He said that the government of Afghanistan and Taliban are having both chances and problems in their ongoing peace talks in Qatar.

Moheb Sharif, a political expert, said war continuing of war would depend on the situation after Kabul and Taliban reach a peace agreement.

“When Taliban cut ties with al-Qaeda and other groups, how will these groups manage to remain? Those groups who have come from Pakistan or the Central Asian countries to Afghanistan used insecurity here to their own benefits,” he said.

There 20 terrorist groups active in Afghanistan, according to government officials, but Sharif believes that they are just part of propagandas.

Taliban agreed for the first time since their 2001 ouster by a US-led international invasion to sit in front of a team from the government of Afghanistan and discuss peace ways.

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