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Reduction in Violence Raises Hopes for Peace Deal

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KABUL: Hopes are increasing for a peace agreement between the government and Taliban after the militants announced to observe a week-long reduction in violence early Saturday.

The Taliban said they would stop attacks on both Afghan and foreign forces around the country for one week, and the United States said they would sign a peace deal with the insurgents at the end of the week (February 29th).

The US and Taliban negotiators have agreed on another talk this time between Taliban and the government of President Ghani as well as political leaders shortly after the deal was signed.

But a delegation has not been yet shaped to sit and talk to the Taliban in the framework of intra-Afghan dialogues.

Some analysts believe that announcement of the final results of election this week hampered the formation of the delegation.

Mohammad Mohaqqeq, one of prominent political leaders, said Saturday that the government-formed delegation would be useless and Taliban would not talk to them.

He suggested that the negotiating delegation should be national and acceptable by all political sides as well as the government.

“The delegation needs to be national and should not go for talks from the government address. It should be by all meanings represented by the government and all political parties,” Mohaqqeq said.

The government had earlier promised to form an inclusive peace delegation, which would talk to Taliban from government address.

Despite announcement for signing the deal, there still seem some differences between Washington and Taliban.

The United States said that their presence would decrease after the deal, while Taliban said that all US and other foreign soldiers would leave Afghanistan once the deal was reached.

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