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Reforms within police squads, effective: ministry

AT-KABUL: Afghanistan’s interior ministry says the reforms that have been carried out within the police system have yielded positive results since it began in Kabul.

Shah Wali Safi, deputy interior minister said the new reform was better compared to the previous programs, adding that the program was a step for police to regain people’s trust.

The four-year long reform program was launched after several criticism by the people regarding the increase of terrorist attacks and broadening of crimes.

“This process would be implemented all around the country and we are proud that the reform has attracted people’s trust and support,” Safi said.

He emphasized that police should be at the service of the entire society, not a single group or individual.

Based on the program that was approved by the president, meritocracy would dominate the recruitment.

Faqir Mohammad Faqir, former interior minister okays the reforms, but says it needs more efforts.

“Efforts have been made regarding police reform, but if we have more efforts, we will get better result.”

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