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Regional confrontations spark fears of proxy war in Afghanistan

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KABUL: Hundreds of people in western Herat province on Tuesday took out to the streets, expressing worries over the recent tension between US and Iran erupted after US killed Iran’s top general in an airstrike in Iraq. They fear of over intensification of proxy wars in Afghanistan. The protestors have called on US and Iranian officials not seek their personal interests in Afghanistan, and never try to turn the country as a battlefield for their proxy wars.  

The tension between US and Iran has been grown after a US drone targeted a top Iranian commander, Qasem Soleimani last Friday in Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Some experts have named Afghanistan as the most available region for Iran to find its revenge.

But, the protestors emphasized that people will never let any foreign country to use Afghanistan against them.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Palace in a statement expressed concerns about the possible increase of violence in the region following the ongoing US-Iran dispute. The statement called on US and Iranian authorities to resolve the strain through negotiation.

“The Afghan government is committed to the Afghan mass and all neighbors that in accordance to the Bilateral Security Agreement with the United States, the Afghanistan’ s sovereignty will not be used against any foreign country in any condition,” the statement read.

In the meantime, another statement was released from the chief executive office that hoped the recent US-Iran’ situations “don’t affect the cooperation of our allies in Afghanistan.”

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