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Regional powers behind terrorism?

As the longest ‘war on terror’ by international community with direct involvement of US is getting nears to its 18 years — efforts to dismantle terrorist financial networks have been remained unshaken as still militants enjoying immense support. Relationships with terrorist and militant groups are integral to many regional countries’ foreign policy. They are not only sponsors a range of organizations to maintains the capacity to conduct terrorism activities inside Afghanistan, but also send foot fighters to undermine security forces. Such backing in different forms, have helped Taliban and other militant outfits to wage war against security, resulting into security worsening that always ended up with killing of civilians. Southern province of Ghazni is wise example of it as ministry of defense said Pakistani, Chechen and Arab fighters had been fighting alongside the Taliban who launched their attack in provincial city in the early hours of Friday morning. The battle for key Afghan city intensified Monday as Afghan forces pushed on with a full-scale onslaught for control of embattled Ghazni and flushing out of Taliban militants, as humanitarian situation is worsening amid food scarcity. The nature of fighting was unpredictable because as many as 100 Afghan forces and 20 to 30 civilians have been killed during the fighting. But it doesn’t mean we are weak, in return Afghan forces killed over 200 Taliban fighters. Moreover, 1,000 additional forces including army, police, and Special Forces have been sent to province and began an onslaught from four sides to push and kill the remaining fighters. Furthermore, Taliban sheltered in civilian houses to save their skin — a move exhibited their weakness at highest level. Moreover, they have positioned in mosques and residential houses, making harder for Afghan security forces who sworn in to protect civilians. The Afghan security forces are our heroes that leave no stone unturned in safeguarding Afghan masses. Long Live to the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces. What is irksome is when some Taliban fighters who have joined the peace process, claim that Russia, China and Iran support the militant group. A group of 50 Taliban militants with their commander Mullah Abdul Ghaffor Toofan, recently reintegrated into civil society in Badghis province, saying Iran, Russia, and China continuingly supporting Taliban. This is the core reason that Afghanistan still burns in war flames. But avoiding to name Pakistan –the number one sponsor of terrorist groups, is a little bit confusing that even brings legitimacy of the claim under question. Pakistan is in top of that list. Taliban destroy schools, Taliban destroy mosques, Taliban destroy roads and bridges. They put landmines because they do not want Afghanistan be built. If such evil forces are being supported by some countries it as though they have committed greats atrocity against Afghan civilians who have been bearing the brunt of casualties for longtime. Instead to supporting vicious circle, let’s help build a peaceful atmosphere and collectively work for better world far from today’s darkest milieu.

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