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Regional spy agencies striving to replace Taliban with Daesh: Senators

AT-KABUL: Members of senate claim that the regional intelligence agencies are trying to replace Taliban with Daesh terrorist network in the country, an allegation came after the Taliban called end of their three-day ceasefire with the government.

The senators called this an “alarm” for the government, asking for serious attention.

“The regional intelligence is replacing Taliban with Daesh in Afghanistan. This is an alarm for the government and the recent incidents in Nangarhar province, gives a message to the Afghan government that the regional intelligence especially Pakistan will quickly bring Daesh if Afghanistan reaches a peace accord with Taliban in which Pakistan does not see its benefits,” senator, Mohammad Rahim Hassanyar said Tuesday.

Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attacks in Jalalabad and other areas of Nangarhar that killed and injured scores of civilians, while Taliban militants were holding ceasefire with the government during the Eid-ul-Fetr festivity days.

The group had carried out series of other attack before in the big cities including Kabul.

Some political parties have recently warned against “increasing threats” posed by Daesh in the country.

Meanwhile, deputy head of senate, Alam Izadyar, called on the government to take urgent measures in removing Daesh.

“People in Nangarhar gave several sacrifices during the Eid days. More than 70 people were killed in different parts of the country. The enemies of Afghanistan are killing our people under different titles. The government needs to bring a serious change in its policy and pay attention in this connection,” said Izadyar.

President Ashraf Ghani had earlier said during the Tashkent conference that some 1,000 Daesh terrorists were killed in Afghanistan, adding that around 2,000 affiliates of the terrorist group were present in the country.

He had said that Daesh would be soon defeated in Afghanistan.

Separately, defense ministry spokesman downplays the threat posed by Daesh, saying it was not serious. “If Taliban join the peace process, Daesh will be simply defeated,” said Mohammad Radmanesh.

He acknowledged that Daesh was produced by the regional intelligence that do not want peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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