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Regional stability hinges on peace in Afghanistan; Karzai

KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai believes that stability in Afghanistan would cause stability in the region.

Karzai who was speaking at the 15th Annual Meeting of Valdai Discussion Club in Russia’s city of Sochi, recited a poetry from Iqbal Lahori on Afghanistan that says “Asia is a body made by water and clay, Afghan nation is the heart of this body. Welfare in Afghanistan is the welfare in the Asia, instability in Afghanistan means instability in Asia”, comparing the poem with the recent situation in his country.

“Hence, to reach this goal we need to revive the regional cooperation,” Karzai addressed the participants.

He welcomed the US recent efforts for helping to bring peace in Afghanistan, hoping that Washington had to cooperate with Afghanistan’s neighboring states particularly Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China who were also holding programs for the Afghan peace process, so that all Afghans and other countries get the expecting result through cooperation and a united and inclusive program.

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